Friday, 4 November 2011

Gouache Plein Air Painting

In the early morning Autumn sun, standing near the village of Busquistar, looking towards the Sierra de Lujar in the distance. Nice to be out painting again after a long hectic season organising walking holidays. Looking forward to doing a few more gouache/watercolour paintings of the amazing Autumn colours before I head off to Perth, Australia to visit my son and family.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Plein Air Pastel Painting

It was such a beautiful day today, warm and sunny with the low winter sun creating interesting shadows on the snow and crags of the Piedra Ventana mountain, as seen from the flat roof of my house.  The pochade box was a success, in that I can now do small "plein air" pastel paintings with this box sat comfortably on my knee and leave the easel at home. The 2 hours spent working on this pastel was just about right as the shadows were slowly disappearing. I hope to finish this painting tomorrow at the same time as the weather forecast is good.